How To: Use Service Enhancement Codes - Requesting SMS/Email notifications

Please find attached the RMG API Shipping Reference Data, which details a list of all valid Royal Mail service enhancement codes, and a service Matrix which details all valid service code with service enhancement combinations.

<enhancement Type>


Enhancement Group


Consequential Loss £1000

Consequential Loss Insurance


Consequential Loss £2500

Consequential Loss Insurance


Consequential Loss £5000

Consequential Loss Insurance


Consequential Loss £7500

Consequential Loss Insurance


Consequential Loss £10000

Consequential Loss Insurance



Recorded Signed For Mail


Consequential Loss £750

Consequential Loss Insurance


Tracked Signature

Tracked Delivery Options


SMS Notification

Tracking Notifications


E-Mail Notification

Tracking Notifications


Local Collect

Local Collect

The service enhancement code ‘13’ for SMS notifications is only valid with Royal Mail Tracked Domestic and Special Delivery shipments – further details can be found in the ‘ServiceMatrix’ sheet within the attached workbook.

As an example, when service enhancement code ‘13’ is sent to Intersoft in your CreateShipmentRequest, this will request Royal Mail to send the SMS notifications to the specified <destinationPhoneNumber> in your CreateShipmentRequest. Royal Mail will receive the flags for notification in the Type 3 pre-advice data which is generated after your manifest your Royal Mail shipments.

To send us Service Enhancement Codes in your CreateShipmentRequest, please do the following:

The <serviceEnhancements> headers are contained with the <serviceOptions> element of your CreateShipmentRequest.



Below is an example of how to pass multiple Service Enhancements to us in your CreateShipmentRequest


The above example would request both SMS notifications and email notifications for the shipment.

If you do not require a service enhancement for a particular shipment, you can leave the header blank i.e:


An example full CreateShipmentRequest for a shipment requesting SMS notifications is attached.

Please bear in mind that when a SMS and/or Email notification is selected you must also provide a valid <destinationEmailAddress> and/or <destinationPhoneNumber> in your CreateShipmentRequest. If these details are not available, please either remove the tracking notification service enhancement code or if this is not possible, you have the option to use dummy information to bypass the validation rules (shipment/tracking notifications will be sent to these dummy phone numbers/email addresses, so please be mindful of the data provided).