Shipment Search Manual v2.0

Commercial and in Confidence
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1. Document Controls
2. Table of Figures
3. Shipment Search

Table of Figures

Figure 1 - Shipment Search - Basic Search
Figure 2 - Shipment Search - Advanced Search

Shipment Search

The shipment search screen is accessed via the Shipment Search option on the left-hand menu.
The Shipment Search functionality provides two levels of search. A Basic Search and Advanced Search.
The Basic Search allows the user to search for a shipment using

  • Tracking number
  • Shipment reference
  • Unique ID.

Slightly different layout

Figure 1 - Shipment Search - Basic Search
Clicking the search icon will provide search results below. The search results for both basic and advanced searches provide the following shipment details:

  • Tracking Number
  • Shipment Date
  • Agent
  • Reference
  • Service
  • Recipient
  • Destination
  • Export Status
  • Tracking Status / POD (Proof of Delivery)
  • Last Modified

Slightly different layout

Figure 2 - Shipment Search - Advanced Search
The Advanced Search options can be accessed by clicking the Advanced Search button and this provides further options to search by.
Mandatory fields in the Advanced Search include:

  • From Date:
  • To Date:
  • Output: Screen/CSV

Other search options available include:

  • Recipient
  • Country
  • Postcode
  • Town
  • Service
  • Agent
  • Customer (Admin User Only)
  • Manifest (Admin User Only)

Also available are filter options for:

  • Exclude already delivered shipments
  • Only include late shipments
  • View Cancelled Shipments Only

When clicking search

  • If Screen is selected the results are displayed on screen.
  • If CSV Is selected a full list of the shipment search results are downloaded.