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Intelligent Shipper Release Notes

Release Date:


21st, 24th and 28th February 2022

Version Number 2022.2

* Enhancements

+ Fixes

*New GLS integrations – Austria and France

Two new GLS integrations have been added to allow shipping with GLS from Austria and France. Both are available for shipping domestically within the shipper country and to other countries within the EU. Both offer Parcel and Express services, support service enhancements to provide flexible delivery options and consignment shipments. This is a great addition to the GLS Germany and GLS Ireland integrations we already offer.

*Hermes integration – dimensions are now mandatory

Hermes have made the parcel dimensions fields length, width and height, mandatory fields for all Hermes shipments, both domestic and international. These fields must be provided to allow Hermes shipments to be created successfully, if dimensions aren't provided the shipment will fail and an error will be returned.

*Royal Mail integration updates

The Royal Mail integration has been updated in accordance with the latest specification. The updates are all back-end changes so you will not be impacted but please ensure your Royal Mail integration is kept up to date.


If you need any support or more information on the above updates, please contact our Support team on the below.